Apple releases visionOS beta 1 to Vision Pro developers


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Alongside Today, several betas were released., Apple is seeding visionOS 1.1 beta to Vision Pro developers. This is the first main testing version of this spatial computer since it’s been released last Friday. At the moment, it’s unclear what changes the version brings, although it’s expected improvements to FaceTime’s personas.

Before the official launch of Vision Pro Apple released visionOS version 1.0.2, which resolves a WebKit problem. According to AppleThe device could be affected if maliciously crafted content is displayed on the web page. This could lead to code execution.

During beta testing, visionOS 1.0, Apple added important features to Apple Vision Pro, such as FaceTime’s Personas (which is still in beta), and essential apps such as the App Store, Mindfulness, and Testflight.

With visionOS Beta 6Apple Vision Pro videos were discovered by M1Astra, a X user. One of the videos shows how to interact this spatial computer You can use your hands and eyes:

“Your eyes and hands are how you navigate Apple Vision Pro. You can browse the system by looking and it will respond to your eyes. Just tap your fingers on an element to select it. It’s like a click on your Mac. To scroll, pinch together your fingers and flick gently. You can keep your hands where they’re comfortable, such as resting on your lap.”

In the other VideoApple teaches users how to use this computer to enroll their Persona. With beta 4, we have already detailed how your digital persona for FaceTime calls will work, but with a video, it’s so much easier to understand the enrollment process.

“To set up your Persona, you’ll remove Apple Vision Pro to capture your appearance. Prepare yourself carefully and ensure that nothing covers your face. To begin recording, hold Apple Vision Pro up at eye-level. Relax your arms and shoulders. Follow the instructions. You can tilt your head up, down, and to the right or left. Then, you’ll capture your facial expressions. Smile with your lips closed, show your teeth when you smile, raise your eyebrows while smiling, and close your gaze. When you’re done, put Apple Vision Pro back on to see your Persona.”

BGRWe will let users of Apple Vision Pro know what to expect when we learn about the new features in visionOS 1.1 beta. That said, don’t forget to update your device to visionOS 1.0.2 if you haven’t already.

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