Football Streaming app Development with Advance Features by 2024


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Live football streaming has become one of the most lucrative segments of the streaming business due to the immense love for the sport. The craze of football is spreading to new territories and it is expected that the fan base will grow in the coming years. If you plan to build a football streaming app, your chances of success will be high if you follow the right strategy.

Fans will be rewarded handsomely when technology is combined with the sports craze. A football-only streaming app can excite sports fans. We can use our smartphones to set an alarm, save a note, or to save important information. It is likely that football streaming apps will be used each time a major game takes place.

People prefer nowadays to watch games on the go as it isn’t possible to watch them on TV every time. However, starting such a platform isn’t easier, considering the number of factors involved. Let’s go through this detailed post to understand how to build an incredible football streaming app with amazing features in 2024!

Football Market Statistics

Before creating an app, it is important to know the latest statistics on the football market. Below are the most important ones.

  • More than 250 millions people watch football every day. Over 3.5 millions people are clear football fans. This means that having a football streaming app can attract an enormous audience.
  • If we are talking about the market of live online video sport streaming, this is expected to grow at a rate of CAGR. 21.5%In the next five years. Football is one of most watched sports online, with a total value of approximatelyUS$ 3 Billion. We think you can see how important football is in these statistics.

All these stats prove how amazing  US$ 3 billion the chances of earnings are available by having a football streaming app.

football app market

Top 8 Football Streaming Apps by 2024


There are many apps that allow for quality football streaming, but only a handful provide a smooth experience. We have selected 8 of the most efficient football streaming applications to use by 2024.

1. YipTV

YipTV is the first name that comes into mind when thinking about a streaming football app. It is designed for those looking for a football streaming app with a reasonable subscription. This platform offers users the opportunity to watch live football channels at a lower price than cable.

It also works on Apple TV and Android. YipTV has a wide range of channels, including EuroNews and Bloomberg, as well as BeIN Sports. The mobile application  development company involved in the creation of this platform has done a pretty fine job here.

2. Live Football TV App & Scores

If someone wishes to build football streaming app with versatile functionality, there is no better option to learn than this one. It is a multi-optional platform that only not gives official streaming of football matches but also offers the latest news from the soccer world.

The football streaming app development company involved in creating this platform has added all the necessary features for giving a treat to football fans. It is a reliable application for football lovers who can easily enjoy various events here.

3. La Liga TV

La Liga TV is a wonderful choice for enjoying football matches with ease. It is a free-to-use platform that updates the various La Liga events instantly. Despite working on a freemium model, the app doesn’t compromise on streaming quality.

It also has the option to watch the video later, allowing users to enjoy videos of their interest later when they have time. It is an exceptional choice that works perfectly on both Android and iOS platforms. The chances of any glitches are extremely rare with this app. It is plausible proof of how an iPhone app development company works while creating a streaming platform.

4. StarTimes

StarTimes is a customized football streaming app giving access to numerous sports channels. It is an exclusive platform for watching football games from a variety of leagues, like Serie A, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Ghana Premier League, and many more. The range of football shows available on these channels can make things difficult to choose for sure.

Apart from live streaming, the users are free to enjoy the latest news from the football industry on this app. So, whenever someone wishes to watch an important football match, they can rely on the StarTimes app.

5. CBS Sports App Scores & News

CBS Sports is a wonderful app that offers access to a range of features for viewers. They can only not watch exclusive soccer matches but also enjoy post-match broadcasts on this extraordinary app. The app also allows users to access important news from the football world through notifications.

This app is one of those platforms that stream games of NCAA football that are a thrill for sure. Besides that, the SportsLine experts also give betting tips to the users using which one can earn a good sort of money.

6. FotMob

FotMob is a super app available for both iOS and Android platforms. It is one of those options that always keep the users connected with the game. Whether it is about information regarding ongoing matches or someone only wants to read comments, this app provides both to the users.

They can follow matches from a variety of competitions, like FA Women’s Super League, Champions League, La Liga, Ligue 1, and Premier League among others.

Develop your own football streaming application

7. FlashScore

FlashScore is a perfect example of how to build football streaming app that really delivers to the consumers. It is a free app that only not gives information about the ongoing games but also gives a chance to follow text-based commentaries. They offer access to more than 5,000 competitions across 30 different sports.

The users can get instant notifications about the match schedule from the football world. There is bug-free streaming guaranteed while watching matches through this application.

8. Live NetTV

Live NetTV is a top-ranked application allowing users to watch football on their phones without hassles. Although they have many sports, football is the most watched on this app. The users get access to more than 700 different channels for live soccer, TV shows, and many more.

This app displays multiple links for enjoying live streaming of a football game. It ensures the users can switch to another link if it doesn’t work adequately.

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Develop Football Streaming App with Amazing Features

In this part of this article, we will discuss what features should be added in a football streaming app to ensure it can stand ahead of competitors. Let’s have a look at this prospect in detail below:

Develop Football Streaming App with Amazing Features

The first thing to take care of while creating such an app is adding multiple choices to register new users. You can consider allowing users to join using a phone number/email address or a social media login to make things convenient.

Also, ensure that there is an option to reset the password using email or a text message. If we talk about on-demand app development services, try to add multiple choices using social networks. Whether it is about Facebook or Twitter, signs should be made using popular social media platforms. Usability is a critical aspect that can ensure the success of an application.

The next feature one cares to create a football streaming app that does wonders is adding an option for a personal profile. It should consist of a profile picture, user name, subscription plans, full name, etc.

Also, you can consider adding extra options later to add transparency to the app. It should include interests, feed preferences, date of birth, location, and more.

Another thing to remember while creating a football streaming app is its quality. It is essential to take the bandwidth of every user in mind. There are plenty of people living in an area with weak internet. On the other hand, you will find many users who can enjoy videos with the highest bitrate.

So, try to ensure the football streaming app development company you choose understands how video encoding algorithms can be handled by optimizing server queries. After all, football is a game of quality that should be taken seriously.

A football streaming app development can’t be completed without having a unique and attractive design. Undoubtedly, design is important in influencing people while using the application.

Furthermore, experts in this industry think convenience plays a critical role in users’ convenience. So, hire web developers who understand what viewers want while watching football games. If you succeed in doing so, the chances of success are pretty high.

The next thing to care seriously when you build football streaming app is taking care of privacy for the users. Users spend a tremendous time on the app, and it is the platform’s duty to protect their personal data.

Think about performing all the measures needed to ensure privacy doesn’t breach. We have seen plenty of attacks by hackers who stole important data of users.

If you build football streaming app that keeps the users updated about the upcoming schedule, the chances of an increase in viewership are pretty high. Audiences are very curious about what is happening in the football world; notifying them regularly can keep them connected with the app.

Additionally, you can think about adding dynamics of football and the whereabouts of various teams on the app. It will let the users browse the app, even when no football match is on the card.

The chances of users getting frustrated are very high when they have to open the application after every few minutes to check the score. To tackle this issue, you must add the push notification feature to make scrolling convenient.

They should be able to access the live scoreboard of their screen in the form of push notifications. It only not makes the engagement better but also increases traffic to the app.

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We believe you have a viable idea of how to build football streaming app that creates an immediate impact. The process of making a quality application isn’t too difficult when proper improvisation is performed. It is a lucrative industry giving investors attractive returns in the long term.

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You can succeed by perfectly balancing business objectives and user experience. Go for an experienced football streaming app Development Company for building a platform that can change this industry’s landscape!


Q. How much time and cost is needed for creating a football live streaming app?

Ans. Predicting the correct time frame to create a live-streaming app for football is tricky. However, experts believe a timeline of up to 800 hours and an investment of around US$ 40,000 is adequate for creating a quality app.

Q. What technologies are the best for live football streaming apps?

Ans. Although there are a huge number of available technologies, Laravel and Node.js are the ideal choices for building live football streaming apps.

Q. Are there any free live-streaming apps for football?

Ans. Viewers can visit apps like LiveNetTV and AOS TV for watching live football streaming for free.

Q. What are the most important features of a live football streaming app?

Ans. The essential features to remember when planning to build a football streaming app are extended streaming, feeding, social sign-up, and instant recommendations.

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