Microsoft Copilot update allows advanced image generation


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Microsoft announced updates for Copilot including Designer. This allows users to go beyond simply creating images and customize generated images by inline editing in Copilot. blog post

“With a simple sentence or two, you will see a budding entrepreneur turn a fledgling idea for a new product into an actionable business plan, a filmmaker’s concept into a rich set of storyboards, and a fantasy football player’s team come to life with a mascot image they can edit inline,” Yusuf Mehdi, executive vice president and consumer chief marketing officer at Microsoft, stated.

Copilot offers a variety of free features for enhancing images, such as color enhancement, blurring the background, and various effects, like pixel art. 

Copilot Pro subscribers can also resize and regenerate images between square and land-scape formats within the chat. Designer GPT will be introduced by Copilot soon, which is a dedicated canvas to visualize ideas directly within Copilot.

“Today marks exactly one year since our entry into AI-powered experiences for people with Bing Chat. In the past year, we have learned a lot and seen our Copilot experiences grow in popularity. To date, over 5 billion chats have been created and 5 billion images have been created. This has led to a sustained growth of Edge and Bing share. Now with Copilot as our singular experience for people looking to get more out of AI creation, we are today introducing further image creation capabilities,” Mehdi added. 

Copilot can be downloaded for free on iOS or Android, and works with Microsoft Edge, Chrome and Firefox.

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