White House aims to cryptographically validate Biden videos in order to mitigate deepfake risks


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In context:White House officials say that they are “working on” ways to cryptographically validate their official releases. Deepfake scams and generative AI scams have been on the increase. The White House has not yet shared details about how this process will look. However, it is likely that it will be a way to’sign’ official releases that proves the White House as the source.

The White House has confirmed it is currently exploring ways of cryptographically verifying the statements and videos it releases, in an attempt to combat the rise in politically motivated deepfakes.

In January, I reported on a robocall generated by AI. faked President Biden’s voiceand told New Hampshire voters not to vote in upcoming primary elections. The news that Jessica Rosenworcel has proposed a plan to regulate the FCC was announced this week. Ban AI-generated VoicesRobocalls are annoying.

The White House is turning to cryptographic methods to verify the authenticity of their releases.

A common way to do this is by using a pair of private and public keys. The source of the information generates a value for any video or document, and then encrypts it with their private key. This hash value can only be decrypted using the public key which is accessible to everyone and attributed to its original author. Thus, successful decryption using the public key confirms the owner of the private key – verifying the source.

Third-party attempts to alter a file would not contain its original hash value and would therefore not be able verify their authenticity.

Although these efforts are likely to have some benefits for the public, there are also potential risks. The right use of these powers will undoubtedly help people to verify real communications. However, they would also give the President’s staff a means to claim what is “the Truth.”

If the President made an error or gaffe in a White House video they could not cryptographically sign it and disavow as fake. Given the current political climate, it is likely that such powers will be weaponized.

We do not yet have a timetable for this development. Ben Buchanan’s, Biden’s Special Adviser for Artificial Intelligence told Business Insider that the project is “in progress.”

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